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Scientific American is designed for technically educated professionals and managers who have a positive predisposition to read about, get involved with and act on a broad range of the physical and social sciences. The articles and features in Scientific American anticipate what the breakthroughs and the news will be in a society increasingly dependent upon scientific and technological advances.

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More about Scientific American Magazine: Challenge your brain and learn about the world around you when you subscribe to Scientific American magazine. This subscription offers articles for curious readers who may or may not have formal training in the sciences. Each issue of Scientific American delves into the fields of science that make the world tick — biology, physics, psychology, and the environmental and medical sciences. Features address the ways in which science affects our everyday lives, while looking ahead to technological and scientific advances and the impact they will have on the planet. Many articles contain graphics or illustrations that depict scientific theories and processes in an easy-to-comprehend way, and feature-article sidebars make science accessible to even laymen. With your subscription to Scientific American magazine, you can explore the intricacies of the world without ever leaving your home!

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This is a fantastic magazine. I've signed up for four years' worth.
by: anonymous
3/11/2008 2:49:00 PM
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