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In Touch is the perfect weekly magazine devoted entirely to the world of celebrity for the on-the-go reader. It's packed with the latest celebrity gossip, stunning photos and fashion, plus articles that touch the heart.

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More About In Touch: If Britney Spear’s troubles have landed her as the poster child for In Touch magazine, readers should expect plenty of dish and dirt on all other celebrities gone bad, or at least, those whose troubles have landed them on Page Six. Considered to air more on the side of tabloid content, In Touch is a one-stop-shop for celebrity gossip and revealing, candid photos. By the third page of the magazine, readers will undoubtedly know who’s headed for divorce court and whose denying pregnancy rumors. This is the perfect publication for those who want to keep tabs on Hollywood celebs, by discovering Jennifer Aniston’s new love, or Mariah Carey’s $2.5 million dollar ring. Still, the majority of readers like to stay in the know by following the foibles and shenanigans of the famous, where In Touch provides an all-access pass.

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hashes the same news over & over again!!1
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