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Family Handyman magazine is for any homeowner with an active interest in home improvement and remodeling. It contains step-by-step photos and illustrations as well as detailed plans and diagrams.

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More About Family Handyman: Family Handyman magazine is not an easy magazine to categorize. It provides content of interest across many disciplines. Family Handyman features information on home remodeling, repair and maintenance, energy efficiency, home furnishings and decorating, yard and garden care, woodworking, auto maintenance, new products and housing. Every issue includes dozens of helpful hints that will save you time and money.

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Look out Norm and Steve!
For the hands-on homeowner who loves DIY projects comes Family Handyman magazine. Chock full of detailed project plans and diagrams, Family Handyman is ideal for everyone from the weekend renovator to gut rehabber. Remodel your entire home, upgrade a room, or simply repair that leaky faucet—you can do it all with help from Family Handyman. Monthly features cover lawn care, woodworking, auto maintenance, interior decorating, organizing, and environmentally sustainable design. Tackle all the projects on your list with Family Handyman's expert tips on saving space and saving money. With your subscription to Family Handyman magazine, you'll be ready to don your tool belt and get to work.
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7/30/2008 12:44:00 PM
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