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Better Homes and Gardens magazine delivers ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas. Some features include: decorating, repair, food recipes, gift ideas, health tips, gardening, travel, entertainment and product news.

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More about Better Homes & Gardens: One of the more timeless magazines, Better Homes and Gardens, is more about tradition than modernity like many other women’s magazines on the market, even though it recently got a makeover. Here, there’s no flash and very little celebrity, even though its pictures grew a little bigger and the text a little shorter. One reason why women come back to the magazine is indeed tradition; their mother’s subscribed and now they do; it still has that kind of loyalty that very few magazines can claim. Topics covered include home design, complete with decorating tips, craft projects and many do-it-yourself renovations and how-to ideas. Another focus of Better Homes and Gardens, like the name says, is gardening. Here, readers will find a wealth of information when it comes to everything from plants, to outdoor living. They can learn how to grow properly grow herbs or the best trees and flowers to buy. Interspersed between, articles on health and family, parenting and entertaining can be found. But perhaps one of the most popular items that has helped Better Homes and Gardens stand the test of time is its signature—the recipes. Many of its loyalists have collected them for years, and some have even bought the cookbook.

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Great Home Magazine!
I have always loved Better Homes and Gardens. It has a wealth of valuable information in every months edition.
by: tamarac
5/5/2016 8:25:29 AM
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