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Writer's Digest is the world's top magazine for writers. Every monthly issue is filled with expert inspiration, information and instruction in each area of the writing life.

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More about Writer's Digest Magazine: Writer’s Digest is the No. 1 magazine for writers, celebrating the writing life and what it means to be a writer in today's publishing environment. Writer’s Digest has two goals for you: learn to write better and get published! What could be better than finding out the right way to pursue your writing? Writer’s Digest specializes in practical technique articles, tips and exercises on fiction, nonfiction, poetry, short stories, plays, scripts and the business-side of writing and publishing. Filled with interviews of bestselling authors and profiles of emerging writers in different genres, you’ll learn how each found success. Whether you’re looking to publish a magazine article or a novel, even sell a script, you can count on Writer’s Digest providing you with success strategies to help you breakout! Hear from screenwriters on how-to break into Hollywood and editors who’ll teach you how-to navigate the brave new publishing world. Whether you’re looking for help on writing a sparkling query letter, choosing an agent, pitching a magazine or embarking on the territory of self-publishing, with each issue of Writer’s Digest, you can bank on finding out what’s hot and selling in today’s market!

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As a beginning writer in the digital age, there are so many opportunities out there on the Internet to build one's resume, I need Writer's Digest to filter out the best ones, and show me how to get my stuff published and noticed. The great thing about the 21st Century is not the death of the book, but the multitude of other media for which good writing is in demand. A beginning writer can compile an impressive portfolio by writing for various Internet venues, both for cash and the sheer experience of seeing one's words in print, and reading other readers' responses. This was never possible before, when the life or death of a book depended on a weary editor with the power of God. Writer's Digest has kept up with the times, and that's why it's still the best in the business.
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