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Women's Health is a fresh, smart, informative and inspiring magazine that speaks to today's active, youthful women in a way that is passionate, authoritative and relevant to their lifestyle.

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More About Women's Health Magazine: Get in shape with a subscription to Women's Health magazine. The best fitness, nutrition and beauty advice for women comes together on the pages of Women's Health, a magazine aimed at active, on-the-go women who are serious about achieving their goals for living a healthy lifestyle. Every issue features tips and tricks for looking and feeling great, from de-stressing yoga routines to belly-flattening ab workouts to energy-boosting foods and supplements. You'll also find tons of recipes, target-area stretches and toning exercises, and quick takes on sex, relationships, style, career and life. Subscribe to Women's Health, the female-focused sister of popular fitness title Men's Health, and begin living your best life today.

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Great Magazine for the Active Woman
I use the magazine while I'm working out on the elliptical at the gym. It gives me good ideas for what I can do next in my workout.
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Women's Health
I enjoy the magazine and have learned quite a bit.
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Straight to the point
This magazine is full of quick, straitforward tips on getting and staying healthy. Everything from exercise to beauthy tips.
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Useful, informative, entertaining
Though I consider myself very informed on health tips and health news, I always learn something new from each issue of Women's Health. I love the quick workouts included in the mag, along with tear-out cards that explain stretches, exercises, yoga poses, etc. Articles are engaging and entertaining, so I don't feel like I'm reading a boring textbook.
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Great magazine, fun to share with others
We enjoy this magazine and have alot of fun sharing our copy with others.
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good source of information & inspiration
I use it to get new ideas to try and improve my health
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