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Wine Spectator is America's largest selling wine publication. In Wine Spectator consumers will find all the information on tastings, ranks, and production in the wine industry for those whose interest and consumption of wine is an integral part of their life-style.

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More About Wine Spectator: Wine Spectator is the leading title in the growing field of wine and spirits publications. As a reader of Wine Spectator, you will find not only informative articles about producing, pairing and appreciating wines from all the major winemaking regions of the world; you will also find culinary, travel, entertainment and arts features aimed at those who appreciate an upscale lifestyle. Learn the ins and outs of winemaking, find the best wines to accompany your meal or fit your budget, and get tons of tips for entertaining and hosting your own tastings. Explore noted vineyards around the world, and read personality profiles of top sommeliers and wine enthusiasts. If you enjoy the finer things in life, a subscription to Wine Spectator magazine is right up your alley.

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For wine lovers...
Great wine reference.
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Excellent magazine
Great magazine for anyone who loves wine, whether you're a connoisseur or someone who is new to appreciating wine and wants to get started. Detailed reviews, smart buys and highly rated bargain wines are featured in every issue. Plus in-depth articles on different wine-growing regions, recipes, and awesome pictures throughout.
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