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TV Guide is now Full-Size, Full-Color, for people who are passionate about their favorite shows, characters, and stars. Plus, an easier-to-use national listings section with more highlights and reviews.

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More about TV Guide: TV buffs will get even more out of the shows they can’t get enough of with a subscription to the new, full-sized TV Guide. On top of the most comprehensive national listings, TV Guide readers will find behind-the-scenes profiles of their favorite small-screen stars and the inside scoop on what’s in store on the shows they can’t miss. Celebrity style and gossip, the latest casting news and TV-themed puzzles round out the TV Guide experience for aficionados of sitcoms, dramas and reality shows. With a TV Guide subscription, TV fans get the weekly Ausiello Report, full of first-look dirt on plot twists, surprise guest stars and more. Season previews, critics’ picks and show recaps make a TV Guide subscription a can’t-miss for true fans of all things television.

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bad tv guide
i would like to know who the bright person was who changed the tv guide did they forget that tv runs 24 hours a day and not 4 i was so dissapointed when i received it i'm ready to cancel my sub they miss half the issues and only list 4 hours a day and no numbers for the chanels like children are going to know that disney is 45 cartoon network is on 63 for what i pay i can go to tv guide channel and do just as good as trying to find something to watch and the price is included with my cox bill not something extra so after my sub expires i will not renew it if i have to go to the guide channel at 2 in the morning when i can't sleep why waste my money.

sandi g
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It is a "MUST" to see when your favorite shows are coming back on line. I can't do without my T.V.GUIDE. When my cable company stopped sending it, you stepped in and seamlessly took up the slack.

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Not like it used to be
I do not like that TV Guide no longer contains detailed tv listings around the clock. You can no longer view detailed lists of whats on TV 24/7 which is what it used to be about. Also, there are only a limited amount of descriptions of movies and not a synopsis of all movies as in the past. However, the in-depth stories about my favorite shows are excellent.
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TV guide is still #1
viewing TV without TV guide is missing a lot
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TV Guide Not what it used to be
I still miss the old TV Guide that was the size of a Readers digest, easy to grab and leaf through. The new one is just to magazine style for me.

they don't put complete details of the shows like they used to

nor do they show listings past 11pm for a late night person like me.

I also can't stand the grid style of listings.

I really only read it for an occasional entertainment value anymore . It seems the original purpose of the "TV guide was to be a guide for TV Listings" but they nixed all that info to a mere few pages in the book now.
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Great resource
TV Guide is a great household resource even for family members who don't watch much television. The feature stories and the recaps of shows helps you to plan your TV watching to find the shows that most interest you. The new larger format is far better than the old small one that was easily misplaced.
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Great articles and interviews
Tons of info and rumors about shows. Also has great interviews with lots of the stars.
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