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The ultimate guide for high-performance audio components, Stereophile contains in-depth reports on "high-end" loudspeakers, amplifiers, CD players, turntables and other audio components, examining how these products will sound in purchasers' homes. Detailed techincal measurements are also performed using the magazine's state-of-the-art test equipment.

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More about Stereophile Magazine: Hear that? A Stereophile subscription is calling your name. Subscribe today and surround yourself with the best in hi-fi stereo equipment, software, music reviews and interviews with the respected sound designers, musicians, conductors and recording engineers. Discover the latest in high-end speakers, headphones, amps, CD players, media servers and turntables for a bold, knockout sound. Inside, you’ll get all the necessary guidance to have a screamin’ system that will rival that of a studio’s. If that sounds good, Stereophile also gives its readers the straight dope every month when it uses the latest in high-tech test equipment to review a range of components. You’ll discover what the hottest, most sought-after systems are, so customizing will be easier when you want to piece together your own incredible package. Now that’s music to your ears!

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Best price available for Stereophile
I renewed my existing Stereophile subscription, which was processed without a hitch. The price from beats even Stereophile's own introductory price. [...]
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Great Product Reviews that are Right On!
Great Magazine if you are looking to gain insight on some of the best high end audio equipment.
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