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Star Magazine brings you the intimate, behind-the-scenes stories on today’s top celebrities. Plus get the latest fab fashion and beauty secrets, the dishiest gossip, and breaking celebrity news.

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More About Star Magazine: Tune in for the latest dish and dirt on the famous faces of Hollywood because Star magazine is on the front lines. Star magazine, a leader in the field of celebrity gossip, brings hungry readers intimate, behind-the-scenes stories on celebrities and the current happenings in Tinseltown. Of course, most all of this tabloid’s stories revolve around the misfortunes and mishaps of those on both the small and big screens. Find out who is going into rehab and who has just left, or how Britney Spears has won her kids back. The photographs always seem to add that extra element of drama to the stories. Perhaps that’s why people always remain a little hungry, returning for more weekly.

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A Fun Read
This is what I consider the highest class of this type of magazine and I look forward to spending part of my weekend escaping into a gossip filled, glam world.
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them are some good fashion tips
the thing i use to goe hops is spring shoes it is great for your legs and you lose wheight is not hard to use just strap them and go.but you have to be 18 or older because we do not younger kids to get hurt.
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I found this magazine\atricle very interesting. reading about other peoples affairs and such is just a thriller. I also found some parts funny.
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Perfect escape reading!
Satisfies my curiosity about celebrities & the rich & famous.
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is willow 2 old 2 be a star?
well people say shes 2 old 2 be havin a video "willow smith" thwy say shes tryin 2 act lik rihanna star singer
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