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Sports Illustrated for Kids covers sports the way kids like it. Featuring interviews with sports heroes, hilarious comics, awesome action photos, sports figures of note, tips from the pros, news items of recent note, games, puzzles, cartoons, fiction, advice from athletes and much more Sports Illustrated for Kids is a magazine for children ages 8 and up.

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More about Sports Illustrated for Kids: Today’s top athletes are in the spotlight in Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine, the younger sibling of the always-popular Sports Illustrated. Active and athletic youngsters are sure to be inspired by stories of their favorite sports heroes of football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and college sports, and parents will appreciate that the magazine skirts athlete “hype” in favor of stories about dreaming big and achieving goals. Look to Sports Illustrated for Kids for hours of entertainment in the form of puzzles, “Buzz Beamer” comics, silly caption contests, jokes, athlete advice, fantasy league gaming, and much, much more. Let your kids and teens keep track of their favorite teams with help from Sports Illustrated for Kids’ thorough scorecards, and encourage them to do a little sports-related number crunching to guess which teams will score big in the long run. With a Sports Illustrated for Kids subscriptions, your children will learn to reach for the stars.

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You know, for kids.
SI for Kids is a great source for knowledge about fitness and popular culture geared towards a younger audience. Sports Illustrated Kids magazine is directly from the classic mold of the original Sports Illustrated. Some schools even use this magazine as a teaching tool. It's a must read if your son or daughter is interested in sports.
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Great magazine
My son loves this magazine! He reads it from cover to cover, usually within the first day or two of receiving it. I think even kids who don't like sports much would enjoy the stories.
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Name players
Collect the cards.
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I will subscribe annually
My son looks forward to receive Sports Illustrated monthly. He loves it!
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I would buy this product again and again
My son really enjoys this magazine.
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