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If you're curious about the world around you... if you appreciate lively writing and beautiful photography... if your interests include art and nature, history, culture, and travel... then you'll love Smithsonian Magazine! *Note: Smithsonian is published eleven times a year, but occasionally publishes combined issues, which count as two issues.

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More About Smithsonian Magazine: If you love to question and explore the world around you, subscribe to Smithsonian Magazine today. Edited for curious and well-rounded individuals with a wide range of interests, Smithsonian features informative stories about science, nature, history, travel, and the arts. Beautiful, colorful photography and engaging storytelling and reporting make discovering the planet an exciting endeavor. Travel the globe, meet artists and scientists who are challenging the ways of the world, and learn about the ideas and technology that will take us into the future. Each issue paints in-depth portraits of newsmakers and famous figures past and present, as well as presenting insightful minds with plenty to think about in the way of science, nature and industry. With your subscription to Smithsonian Magazine, you’ll have the world at your fingertips.

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A Solid Magazine
Second only in quality to National Geographic.
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