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Rolling Stone is the music lovers magazine! Rock & roll national stories, reviews, classified ads, and the music where your favorite group stands in the ratings, magazines affairs, and feature charts. An annual term to Rolling Stone is currently 22 issues, of which 4 are double issues, for a total of 26 issues. The number of issues in an annual term is subject to change at any time.

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More About Rolling Stone: Rolling Stone magazine isn’t just for music lovers anymore. Although music-philes will still find issues packed with CD reviews and in-depth band and artists profiles, they’ll also find info on all the latest in pop culture. Go behind the scenes of the latest blockbuster, peek inside the lives of TV’s hottest stars, and see how true rock ‘n’ rollers really live. The thorough music news section includes tour schedules, reunion updates, album releases and music industry happenings that keep music lovers in the loop about their favorite rockers, rappers and popsters. Find easy to read reviews, based on a 1-to-5-star system, that help you know which CDs, DVDs and movies you can’t miss. Performance charts let you know how your favorites are doing in the rankings, and a special edition Yearbook issue wraps up the best albums, most listenable songs, and top pop culture newsmakers of the past year. Subscribe to Rolling Stone today and get on the inside track!

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Rolling Stone
It is great reading. The articles are top notch. I wish I had more to to spend reading it.

I am in my late fifties so I really don't relate too well with the muscical groups and current artists that the magazines primarily reports on. That is my only negatve issue about it by understand that this information must be inlcuded. I like to be made aware of things related to those folks though.

Love the articles and info on the musicians and cultural information related to "my generation."
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Great Magazine- it ROCKS!!
I've always loved RS magazine! I've been reading it for over 20 years!!
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JP-Obviously a Log Cabin Republican !
Great magazine, Great politics.
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I'm cancelling my subscription
Even though I appreciated the music articles, any article not associated with music is soo tinged with radically liberal viewpoints that it makes me sick. The past two years that I have had the magazine it seems clear to me that their focus is more on trashing the current administration or anyone who might lean slightly conservative instead of reporting music. If I wanted that kind of incoherent and un-factual babbling I would turn on MSNBC. What happened to objective journalism?
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Music Music Music
This has some of the best articles on the big names in music. There is a slight lack invested on upcoming artists but overall it has a great perspective and gives you the lasted on new albums, concerts and a bit everything you wanted to know about musicians and their bands.
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I love this Magazine!
Rolling Stone Magazine is legendary! All music lovers should subscribe.
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