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Reader's Digest is a general-interest family magazine which offers a variety of reading. Its articles and stories cover a range of subjects including health, ecology, government, international affairs, sports, travel, science, business, education and humor. Reader's Digest takes the best articles, interviews, and stories from all sorts of other publications (medical journals, newspapers, other magazines) and combines them into one easy to read magazine.

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More about Reader's Digest magazine: Reader's Digest is an American institution and the best-selling consumer magazine of all time. The small-format, general-interest title features good reads for everyone in the family, including stories on health, world news, technology, business, travel, sports and celebrity personalities. Humor pieces keep the laughs coming, while short fiction pieces introduce Reader's Digest subscribers to new and interesting literary voices. Features on modern American life entertain and inspire, with uplifting tales of everyday heroes, mentors and teachers. Available in large print for easier reading, the Reader's Digest subscription is a must-have for all in-the-know households.

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good read
I like this magazine because it has a broad range of topics. There is a humor section that is fun to read and the articles are easy to read.
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love readers digest!
useful info on a wide variety of subjects
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GREAT short article reading. Informative
This is one of the best magazines out there. I just rip out the ads and read from cover to cover. I'm so tired of magazines that focus on unimportant actor/rock star self-defeating behavior or sex and sensuality. This is much more balanced and worthwhile.
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Reader's Digest - Something for Everyone
A great family magazine - has something for everyone! There are informative articles on everything from politics, entertainers, celebraties, food and vitamins to health alerts and medical info, and financial advice. Also lots of jokes and funny stories - a great short read or longer articles when you have a little time to relax.
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