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Outdoor Photographer is written by the world's leading landscape, wildlife, sports, and travel photographers. Every issue features advice that you will use to improve your photography, evaluations of the latest equipment, and portfolios of stunning photography.

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More About Outdoor Photographer

More about Outdoor Photographer: If you’re looking for a picture perfect subscription to capture landscapes and wildlife, snap up Outdoor Photographer, the magazine for shutterbugs who are looking to not only improve their photography, but also learn about the best techniques whether they are on top of a mountain or by the ocean. Get a snapshot of the latest in equipment when you open Outdoor Photographer, which will be shed light on a whole new world outdoors. Discover how pros photograph remote landscapes or focus on the many how-tos that include everything from keeping your gear safe to shooting in extreme conditions. Get stunning panoramas and fine-tune your lighting to naturally illuminate the perfect shot with the help of some of the world’s best photographers. You can be sure that in a flash, Outdoor Photographer will give you the proper exposure to all the techniques needed to capture the great outdoors.

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Excellent Magazine
One great magazine.. so much of quality info.. n great pics.. makes one want to go see all these places n take snaps..
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Great Value!
I love the photos and I love the photos and each issue is packed full of the latest gadgets and tips. Each issue has a good balance of interesting articles and information. I look forward to getting the next one.
Being new to digital photography, some of the language is more advanced than my knowledge. I do like the number of contributors and there are always links to their sites for additional information. I'm sure I'll get over the learning curve before long and this magazine will be even a greater value to me.
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Great Magazine, Excellent Value!
Beautiful photographs, and tips from the pros to let us readers know how they did it.
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Good Tips, Sometimes a little thin
Always good reviews of products and phenomenal photos. Great tips on places, times, dates, to travel and get good photos. However, they deal almost exclusively with digital now, and when they review equipment, software, gear, etc. it is never the average--always it is above amateur grade.
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