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National Wildlife magazine is the best resource for every animal lover. Each issue contains current news, fascinating stories, and amazing photographs of birds, fish, and all kinds of animals and their natural habitats all over the world. The National Wildlife Federation produces this magazine, so you can rely on the information found in National Wildlife.

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More About National Wildlife

More About National Wildlife: Nature enthusiasts and animal lovers take note. National Wildlife, the National Wildlife Federation’s award winning magazine, provides a wealth of information on all wildlife creatures, encouraging readers to protect some of Mother Nature’s most precious by taking action when it comes to their preservation. Feature articles run the gamut from the threatened lynx in Maine, to whale shark’s habits in Belize. Each issue fills with current news and opinion on hot topics like global warming and endangerment. In any given issue, expect to see articles on a variety of different species, which may include rare birds, deep-sea fish, Ocelot cats or even wild flowers. Other stories may include exploring Hurricane Katrina’s effect on endangered Cranes, wildlife watching after dark or great birding destinations on military lands. The photography stands on its own, showcasing wildlife in its natural environment, which makes some of nature’s most rare come to life. Expect to be taken to many remote destinations, while learning more about conservation programs.

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