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Muse is dedicated to bringing the mystery of the Smithsonian's collections and research to its readers. Articles in Muse include information on genetics, rain forests, lasers, computers, space travel and much more.

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More about Muse Magazine: Muse magazine explores and demystifies ideas behind science, helping kids ages 10 and up understand the components behind topics like genetics, rain forests, snowflakes, computers, space travel and fireworks. While Muse serves as more of a guidebook for exploring, it’s designed to pique interest and encourage thinking, with the use of humor and intellectually stimulating articles. While it primarily focuses on science, articles on art, history and math can be found, as well as fun facts, cartoons, puzzles and contests. Muse specializes in cool facts and weird oddities; these unusual facts and bits of information, a favorite among many, are sporadically peppered throughout the pages. With all the humor and fun facts within Muse, don’t be too surprised to catch parents or teachers reading this popular publication, also.

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My children love it
All three of my older children (12, 10, 9) love this magazine. I'm glad I splurged on it.
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