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Muscle & Fitness Magazine is the new consciousness of physical fitness for the serious exercise and athletic training enthusiast.

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More About Muscle & Fitness: Although targeted toward bodybuilders, men who are body-conscious and take pride in their workouts can also find valuable information flipping through Muscle and Fitness magazine (ladies, there’s Muscle and Fitness Hers, for you). Inside, the muscular and the muscle-bound seek out articles on the best bodybuilding foods, supplements to maximize size and 12-week programs designed for those who want to bulk up. Muscle and Fitness also provides articles that cover the latest in nutrition, workouts and weight loss. The magazine does a good job at supplying bodybuilders, and those who are aspire to be, new workouts and routines to help them get over a plateau, if, in fact, they’ve hit one.

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Good Muscle Magazine but Too Many Ads
Great magazine for intermediate to advanced bobybuilders who know their way around a gym.

Half of the pages in the magazine are ads, with many tricking you into thinking they're training articles.

Exercises are clearly and easily demonstrated and understood, good cooking tips for bodybuilders, ignore any discussions of steroids as most are not true. You can't look like the model on the cover without using them.
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Helped me put on some mass
Been using it for a couple months and can already see the muscles coming in. Diet planner is lots of help for figuring out what to make everyday.

Remember to stretch!
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