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Mental Floss is the premier publication for making knowledge accessible. By blurring the lines between education and entertainment, this magazine takes the chore out of learning for busy, intelligent people by presenting information in a way that’s quick, simple, quirky and fun. Besides keeping audiences grinning with juicy historical tidbits, each issue intrigues them with easy-to-understand explorations of life’s profound ideas and diverse cultures.

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More about Mental Floss magazine: Flex your mental muscle with a subscription to Mental Floss, the perfect publication for teasing your brain with obscure facts and intellectual humor. Packed full of easily digestible bits of information you probably won’t hear anywhere else, Mental Floss is for those who like to make discoveries about quirky, fascinating things. Short articles tell all like “Comic Superheroes Who Made A Real-World Difference” or “The Surprisingly Cool History Of Ice” will let you in on all you’ve ever wanted to know, but somehow didn’t find out until now. If you like your information in smart, bite sized morsels, you’ll eat up this magazine and be flossing away in no time.

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The Most fun you can have at the gym!
I take Mental Floss with me to read while I ride the exercise bike at the gym. The minutes just FLY by!
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Psychology Today meets Rolling Stone
I love this mag and always read it cover to cover ... More than once! Every article is interesting and informative. Best of all, it's an easy, fun, intellectual read.
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Great mag!
Love, Love this mag. If you are a trivia nut, this is the perfect mag.
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Mental Floss is the BEST MAGAZINE !!!
I love the fearless creative and fun perspective on Science, Pop Culture, and especially articles about Mad Scientists. I really enjoy the forward thinking analysis. A unique treasure which I have to hide from my friends. They are always wanting to steal it. This years Christmas present for all!!
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It is very nice. Mental Floss is one of a kind.
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Love Feeling Smart Again!
This magazine is a wonderful blend of wit and wisdom! Highly recommended for all MENSA wannabes!!
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