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Everyone knows Men's Health magazine has all the information you need about fitness, weight loss, exercise and nutrition. But Men's Health also features the latest updates on money, career, sex, and entertainment. So don't miss all the tips and info about workouts, relationships, finances and everything else that are packed into every issue of Men's Health magazine!

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More about Men's Health magazine: Get your life in shape with a subscription to Men's Health magazine. It has all the info you need on getting fit, whether you want to sculpt your abs or just lose your gut. Target area workout regimens, nutrition advice and tips from top athletes are at the core of Men's Health, but money, career, entertainment and sex are all covered from a guy's point of view, too. Get "Guy Wisdom" in the monthly how-to column, learn about the fuel your body needs with guidance from "Eat This, Not That", and get feedback on new gear that will improve your workout. With a Men's Health subscription, you're on your way to achieving your best body and your best life.

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I would buy this product again and again
i use it for advice
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Great product
It's filler reading for me. Exercise articles are very useful, provide variation to my workout routine. Nutrition is interesting but contradictory to articles appearing in other issues, meta analysis would be useful.
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its the must have mag for men.
must have for all men. I read each issue a few times. The information is priceless. They tell you all that you need to stay in health, about your money and about you gal. I love don't eat this eat this articles. They also keep you informed about current medical trends/issues that could save your life. Enjoy all.
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Time to get back on the treadmill!
I used to read Men's Health back in the day (1991 - 3)... I'm back in and it's time to get back in shape. There's no other source that I'd trust more than Men's Health.
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Grab a copy and get a subscription!
Men's Health delivers what every man (between the ages of 18 and 25) needs to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend it.
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not bad but not good
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