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Mad Magazine is now in color and celebrating its 50th idiotic year, MAD is America's foremost magazine of biting social parody, political humor and world class stupidity. Only in MAD will you find outrageous movie and TV spoofs, the fiendishly absurd adventures of Spy vs. Spy and Al Jaffee's legendary Fold-In! MAD continues to attract legions of young readers, while remaining a favorite of adults with low standards!*Publisher will not accept orders marked as a renewal.

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More about Mad Magazine: There are plenty of news magazines where you can find the straight-up facts, but if it’s irreverent humor and biting social commentary you’re looking for, there’s only one Mad Magazine. No politician, celebrity or pop icon is safe from the wry wit and hilarious parody that comes along with the Mad Magazine treatment. Find silly spoofs, Spy vs. Spy stunts and send-ups of stupidity on every page of this graphics-driven magazine. Now in full color, Mad Magazine enjoys a rich history as the magazine for Americans with low standards. Teens and adults alike can enjoy Mad Magazine’s lampooning of current events, politics and popular culture, all served with a big dose of tongue-in-cheek hilarity. If dry facts and timely updates are what you’re after, subscribe to a boring news magazine, but if a celebration of idiocy is what you’re after, a subscription to the always-funny Mad Magazine is a must!

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Mad is still great.
mad is still great but the mag has sure gotten thinner then years ago.....
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Subscription to Mad Magazine
ValueMags promised 10 weeks before the first issue would arrive but I have come to understand that for whatever reason this is the industry standard. I think it may have taken about 12 weeks before the first issue arrived which was close enough to the target for me, given no expectation of speed. And the magazine for my 10 year old son has been arriving on scheduled ever since. I am entirely satisfied.
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who are immune?
Mad is my connection to a time that once was and will never be again, when there was NO advertising. They should LAMPOON all of their advertisers to show equal time. FAT CHANCE.
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Times have changed, haven't they?
I guess times have changed more than I realized, but MAD seems to be less funny than it once was. When you add in political correctness, censorship by oppressive political groups and a new generation of writers it just loses its comical edge. At any rate my kid still loves it and that's all that matters.
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the best
This is the best darn thing I've ever read. I love who ever made this magazine!
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Mad Magazine
Inappropriate and just NOT funny. The Mad magazine of my youth was so much better. I wouldn't want my younger teens reading this and my older teens think it's just stupid. A waste of money and paper.
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