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This 96-page full-color monthly is your ultimate source for new health and medical findings, featuring 'insider' reports on pioneering research on disease prevention, anti-aging medicine, and vitamins and supplements.

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More About Life Extension: Subscribe to Life Extension magazine, the publication dedicated to improving and extending the range and quality of life. Health- conscious individuals turn to Life Extension for the most up-to-date medical and scientific breakthroughs that could lead to longer, healthier lives. From disease prevention and treatment to nutritional supplements to anti-aging strategies, Life Extension is a trusted source for presenting compelling breakdowns of qualified scientific findings. Enhance your life, increase longevity and be the first to know about the research and technology that are revolutionizing the health care industry. Read by scientists, doctors and consumers alike, Life Extension provides scientific references for each article. Subscribe to Life Extension magazine today and start enjoying a long, healthy life.

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