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Inc. Magazine's editorial focus is on the men and women who run growing companies. It offers business and technology solutions to help growing-company owners and executives run their businesses more effectively. It also features management approaches in capital finance, marketing, managing people and more. It explores the leading growing companies and the trends affecting their growth.

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More about Inc. Magazine: Targeting entrepreneurs, Inc. magazine features stories on helping business owners grow their companies. It offers smart, sensible content on business practices, trends and the marketplace. Articles vary from thriving family businesses, to secrets of breakthrough companies. Quite often, the magazine provides business valuation guides, and tips on buying and selling different types of businesses. Inc. magazine tries to feed entrepreneurs useful and practical knowledge. Some issues can be packed with information on compensation, marketing and IPO’s; all things hungry entrepreneurs should know. One of the best parts of magazine may just be the in-depth features, which usually highlight a particular entrepreneur’s path; some even tell how their garage-based business grew into an $18 million dollar IPO.

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The best magazine for entrepreneurs
Great ideas on surviving a recession
Good inspiration, insights into business thinking
Excellent, accessible writing
Personable columnists, fresh topics
This is the ONE subscription I have hung on to during eight years
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Entrepreneur Should Subscribe to Inc.
Every Entrepreneur should subscribe to Inc. Magazine. Inc. is one of the most informative magazines covering the topic of small businesses and entrepreneurship. The annual Inc. 500 lists fast growing companies. The special issue and each monthly issue provides great information and insight.
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