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For more than 40 years Hot Bike has been the custom motorcycle enthusiast’s go-to magazine. Hot Bike features in-depth technical articles for any rider’s level of skill, readers’ ride features, the baddest new apparel, tools, gear and accessories, as well as massive coverage of the world’s most mind-blowing custom V-twin-powered bikes. We also cover the lifestyle of real bikers with in-depth personal profiles, worldwide event coverage, and some of the hottest ladies ever to be draped over a motorcycle. From first-time rider and wrench turner to the experienced gray-bearded grease monkey, we have this two-wheeled chrome drenched lifestyle covered. (Hot Bike publishes two double issues per year. Each counts as two of 12 issues in an annual subscription.)

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More about Hot Bike Magazine: Harley-Davidson riders, get revved up. Hot Bike magazine is your comprehensive source for all things related to this American icon. Get introduced to Harley’s newest rides before they’re even available, and see what riders around the country are doing to customize their bikes. Colorful pictorials show you some of the most impressive custom jobs out there, from standard aftermarket modifications you can do in your own garage to megabuck dream bikes tricked out beyond belief. Accompanying articles show you step-by-step how to enhance your own ride. On top of tech specs, how-tos, Harley news and gear guides, Hot Bike magazine gives you a real feel for the pride and loyalty that brings Harley riders across the country together. With your subscription to Hot Bike, you’ll find all the inspiration, motivation and inspiration you need to make your Harley-Davidson your dream motorcycle.

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