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Health Magazine is published for today's woman. Health involves a very personal quest for well-being, with all of the quality of life issues that this implies — beauty, fitness, diet, energy, and vitality. In addition to information on diet and fitness it also covers behavior, food, family, environment, fitness, drugs and health related mysteries.

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More About Health Magazine: Health magazine, targeted toward the modern woman who’s conscious of her well-being, is not like your typical run-of-the-mill publication. While Health magazine stands near the checkout counter of many health food stores throughout the country, inside, readers will find useful articles on combating common problems like poor diet, lack of sleep and stress overload—all the natural way, with most remedies calling for daily vitamin and supplement use. While Health magazine places a big focus on diet, exercise and weight loss, it also addresses women’s health issues, and common problems like migraines and complexion challenges. The real golden nugget of the magazine is its focus on natural remedies for easing common ailments, and providing detailed information on the benefits of herbs and supplements, even cooking spices. Expect to see articles ranging from the high antioxidant components of blueberries, to the anti-inflammatory properties in garlic.

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Very informative magazine for females
Read it, collect it, share it, refer it and try to practice it.
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