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Handwoven is a weaver's constant companion. Published five times a year for more than 20 years, each issue offers a stunning collection of enticing projects. But the magazine is so much more than that: it's a textile travelogue, pattern book, and weave structure textbook, it's a place to discover new patterns, learn to create original designs, and find solutions to weaving challenges. Handwoven is an indispensable resource that weavers return to time and again.

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More about Handwoven Magazine: Well-read weavers know that Handwoven magazine is an institution in weaving world. This five-times-yearly magazine is a treasure trove of knowledge for weavers—and has been for more than 20 years. With each issue, you’ll discover an array of exotic fabrics and yarns, a handbook’s worth of weaving techniques, and a catalogue of patterns and project ideas you’ll want to keep on file. Handwoven magazine will get your creative juices flowing with an editorial tone that encourages creating your own original designs and coming up with insightful solutions to weaving dilemmas. Each issue features the winners of the Weaver’s Challenge and issues a new challenge to readersyou’re your subscription to Handwoven, you’ll also find stories about the history of weaving, its current cultural significance, and the trends that will keep this time-honored craft popular for years to come. Make Handwoven magazine part of the fabric of your life — subscribe today!

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