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Handguns is the definitive source for reviews of handguns, ammunition and related accessories. Articles by the most respected writers in the field cover the selection and use of handguns for personal and home defense, law enforcement, hunting and target shooting.

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More about Handguns Magazine: Handguns magazine is the go-to guide for purchasing and using handguns. Firearms owners and enthusiasts will find page after page of reviews of the newest handguns on the market. Each review includes vital information on the gun’s accuracy, range, and necessary ammunition, so potential gun owners can make informed decisions about which firearms to purchase for sport hunting, target shooting and personal use. Marksmanship techniques, gun safety tips and reports on military and law enforcement firearms can be found in every bimonthly issue of Handguns magazine. Longer features typically focus on a particular model of handgun, spotlighting everything from design and development to technical specs to pros and cons. Handguns magazine also dedicates editorial space to gun-related politics, with updates on handgun legislation keeping owners informed and safe. For any handgun owner, a subscription to Handguns magazine is an absolute must.

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