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This magazine is the publication of the nonprofit Guidepost corporation. It is designed to inspire all people to richer and fuller lives through communication of spiritual values based upon Judeo-Christian principles. Its interfaith religious message attempts to help people deal with the adversities of life, assure them they are not alone and encourage them that a fulfilled life is within reach.

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More About Guideposts: Learn to live life to the fullest by reading the inspiring first-person stories found on the pages of Guideposts magazine. Guideposts strives to show readers “what can happen when faith and positive thinking are applied to daily life.” Read wholesome and hopeful human- interest stories about family, spirituality and personal relationships. Health-focused features tell you how to care for both your body and soul through everyday fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Learn about personal finance, parenting and grandparenting, pets and love in Guideposts’ family features. And find comfort in reading about different cultures’ spiritual practices, and amazing stories of faith and the power of prayer. Guideposts is based upon traditional Judeo-Christian values and features celebrity profiles, as well as stories of local heroes and caregivers who are making a positive impact. Get your Guideposts subscription today and begin your journey towards a happy and fulfilling life.

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Inspirational True Stories!
What makes this a great magazine, is that the people that write their true stories, give praise and glory to God. I would recommend Guideposts to everyone.
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My mother passed away12/25/2011 and I
miss her giving me her issues. I love your magazine, so helpful. Thank you!
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Just love this magazine and have for years. Great articles and uplifting content. Makes a great Gift; when you are done reading pass on to bless others!
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Too much whiz and not enough bang
# "Too much whiz and not enough bang
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All of Guideposts
After I finish the monthly magazine I pass it on to someone else. I think everyone should read it.
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