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Golf Tips magazine is edited to provide instruction and tips to golfers of all levels. Its articles are written by teaching professionals who offer insight into the sport. Each issue features equipment guides, selection guides, instruction of new and old techniques and information on challenging courses. If you're serious about improving your score, you need Golf Tips.

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More About Golf Tips

More about Golf Tips: Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Golf Tips magazine has all the tips and techniques you need to get into the swing of things on the golf course. Turn your bogeys into birdies with swing strategies developed by golf’s leading teaching professionals and players. Easy-to-read articles on golfing techniques are applicable to players of all skill levels, and Golf Tips makes sure to delve into the mental side of the game as much as the physical one. Learn to copy Tiger’s swing plane, improve your short and long games, get rid of that slice and perfect your putting, all with help from Golf Tips. Subscribers to Golf Tips magazine also get updates and reviews of the latest golf gear, from bags to clubs to cleats and everything in between. And reviews and photos of courses all over the will inspire golf lovers to hit the links in new locations. Subscribe to Golf Tips today and move towards mastery of the game of golf.

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