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With powerful writing and striking photography, Esquire challenges, touches and stirs readers through such features as: America: an insightful analysis of the powerful events that shape and define our nation, Style: the latest men's fashion, shot by leading photographers, featuring upscale, real-world styles for the established man, New Work: the most adventurous fiction in America by today's best writers, This Way Out: offbeat, laugh-out-loud musings of contributing editors, including the inimitable David Sedaris. ESQUIRE is as refreshing as a cold beer on a hot day.

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More about Esquire: If Esquire is “Man at his Best,” it’s no wonder that this popular men’s magazine, catering to the more upscale, highly educated male has stood the test of time. Although the articles have somewhat shrunk, coinciding with an era where long-form journalism has slowly been squeezed into shorter bits, Esquire still remains the king of its castle. It offers readers smart, witty articles, with some being just outright hilarious. Esquire’s writers are smart too, and cover a wide range of content, with most articles offering a freshly sarcastic perspective on the subject matter at hand. Topics cover politics, restaurants, the meaning of life, wine and beer, and fashion, which predominantly get packed into every issue. There’s usually a celebrity on the cover, with an accompanying feature story inside. Since the content of Esquire is no less than edgy and racy, it should seem fitting that some of its editors are rather uninhibited when it comes to sex talk; topics on sex get addressed, well, quite candidly.

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