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Cook's Illustrated, with absolutely no advertising, is packed with our "best" recipes, equipment reviews, and recommendations exhaustively researched in our famous Test Kitchen. From delectable Bolognese sauce to marvelous chocolate mousse, Cook's Illustrated will have every course of your meals turning out perfectly.

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More about Cook's Illuistrated: Everyone from aspiring chefs to frozen food devotees will love Cook's Illustrated, the magazine companion to the popular America's Test Kitchen TV program. Cook's Illustrated puts thousands of delicious tips and techniques at your fingertips, so fixing your favorite meals becomes a simple and successful endeavor. The spare design and absence of advertisements make it easy to find the best recipes, developed in the famous Test Kitchen to provide the easiest and most delicious culinary results possible. Every step, from preparation to cleanup, is covered in full detail, with only the best methods and ingredients making the cut. Full menus make cuisine-themed party planning a snap, and straightforward product reviews spotlight everything from kitchen timers to jarred pasta sauces. A Cook's Illustrated subscription and an apron are all you'll need to have your friends and family convinced you're a master chef!

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a wonderful magazine for cooks
I really enjoy the reviews and helpful hints
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The best cooking magazine ever.
I read this magazine (Cook's) from cover to cover. It had really useful information that can be utilized by everyone. One of the few magazines of any type to which I subscribe.
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love it
Some of my favorites come from Cooks Illustrated. I bought it for my Son in Law, who is an engineer because he loves the scientific approach to cooking and loves to cook.
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Great Magzine [...]
Great magazine. [...]
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Reliably Great!
I love the helpful tips, product reviews, and time-saving ideas. The recipes are always delicious and even if they are more advanced, Cooks walks you through each step, making a delicious meal attainable no matter your level of proficiency in the kitchen.
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Great periodical for the interested cook
Cook's Illustrated is the best for well tested recipes and updates on new cooking tools for the kitchen.
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love it!!!
i love the magazine... great reviews!!!
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Have always loved it
This has detailed explanations about what works and what doesn't in the kitchen. Gives me product tips and why one product might be better than a similar one.
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The BEST Cooking Magazine
Great recipes that include trial and error modifications by writers to get to their recommended methods/ingredients.
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