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Cook's Country Magazine is filled with large, full-color, ad-free, approaches to country cooking. In Cook's Country you get succulent recipes, equipment resources, and "how-to" guides for challenging dishes. Watch your home-cooked meals become easy and perfect to the taste.

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More about Cook’s Country magazine: If you have a craving for delicious down home cooking, look no further than Cook’s Country magazine for guidance on making the best meals with all the trimmings. With a focus on hearty country cooking, Cook’s Country features recipes that allow even kitchen novices to serve up tasty treats for the whole family. A descendant of the popular Cook’s Illustrated, Cook’s Country focuses more on family-style recipes for stick-to-the-ribs comfort food. Step-by-step illustrated instructions make cooking a snap, and readers love the large format that allows the magazine to stay open on the kitchen counter (all the better to follow those recipes!) The last page of this ad-free magazine gives a quick breakdown of all the featured recipes for easy reference, and sidebars on most features offer quick tips and handy product comparisons. Ready to start cookin’? Subscribe to Cook’s Country today!

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I've never had a problem following these recipes. They always turn out great!
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Great Magazine!!!
This magazine not only gives easy to follow, kitchen-tested recipes, but also gives explanations on what was done in the test kitchen to get the recipe to what it is printed in the magazine. They tell you what they did that didn't work and what they did that did work to make the recipe the best. I also like the reviews of cooking items as well as food. It makes me a more educated cook. I also LOVE that there are no ads so you know if the magazine is recommending something it's because it's a good product not because they were paid to say it.
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Great magazine
A wonderful and comforting cooking magazine.
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Great Food
I just love the recipes that are offered in Cook's Country. All are excellent and tasty. I never worry about using one for the 1st time on company. The magazine is of great quality and it has no ads cluttering up the pages. I'll be a subscriber for life!!
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If you cook, you'll love this mag
The recipes are always tasty and come out perfect. There is always a low fat recipe that tastes great. I always go to for menu ideas when I entertain.
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