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Coastal Living magazine is written for the those that are captivated by the seashore. Whether you live along America's great coasts, or simply love life at the beach, you will love the charming style of Coastal Living magazine.

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More About Coastal Living: People who enjoy the lifestyle along the coast, or even those who just happen to worship the beach and sun, may find that they feel right at home when flipping through the pages of Coastal Living magazine. Expect to see a wide variety of articles covering all topics relevant to the beachfront lifestyle. Home decorating tips, favorite restaurants, vacation destinations, personal stories and top 10 lists, are among the content that fills the colorful pages of Coastal Living. In between the articles are enticing photographs that make even the most simple waterfront properties look elegant and beautiful. While many readers may dream of this type of lifestyle along the water, for those who don’t, they can still imagine what it’s like. Coastal Living also explores nightlife of popular destinations, and some of the more remote ones, which may turn out to be hidden gems.

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Coastal Living
Great magazine, lots of resources and very well done overall!
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Enjoy the coast from far away!!
I really enjoy this magazine. I do not live on the coast but would love to. This gives me so many ideas for my house so I can feel at the coast even though I am not. It has also given me many travel ideas. I save this magazine and read it over and over.
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Life is a beach!
Coastal Living emphasizes home design and travel, but also covers a wide variety of other lifestyle topics and coastal concerns. Coastal Living magazine offers information on home interiors and building materials; coastal recreation; food and entertaining; travel tips and destinations; environmental exploration and preservation; gardening; and financial and real estate concerns. If you live on the coast or want to live on the coast, I suggest trying out a subscription to Coastal Living.
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