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Click magazine unlocks the universe for young children (ages 3 to 7) by introducing them to science, art, nature, and the environment. This award-winning magazine is devoted to better explaining a child’s world.

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More about Click Magazine: Click magazine, an educational publication that lets kids explore science and the world around them, prides itself on its kid-friendly non-fiction pieces, also introducing them to nature and the environment. While Click targets itself to a younger demographic, specifically to kids who fall between the ages of three and seven, it makes sure to present each issue’s theme, which could range from Living in the Desert to We Recycle, in an engaging way that most kids will appreciate. Inside, Click condenses all relevant scientific information, transforming it into short stories, puzzles, activities, cartoons and lots of animated, colorful illustrations, which makes learning more interactive and fun!

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Great magazine subscription for kids!
Here are some articles that you'll enjoy when you subscribe to Click: How is a house built? Why do camels have humps? How do wasps make nests? What is an insect? What do animals eat? Why do birds migrate? How do planes work? Why does it rain? Young children also delight in the fun activities included in each issue such as games, mobiles, and flip books. Click magazine is filled with amazing photographs, beautiful illustrations, and stories and articles that are both entertaining and thought-provoking.
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