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Cicada is a bimonthly magazine for teenagers and young adults ages 14 and up. It offers high-quality fiction and poetry dealing with the issue of growing up, leaving the joys and pains of childhood behind, and becoming an adult. Cicada magazine also encourages its teen readers to submit their own writing for publication. Each issue is filled with enough different ideas, styles, and subjects to please any intelligent reader. Cicada guarantees a 100% thought-provoking and humorous tonality that you would not be able to put it down. Order this groundbreaking teen literary magazine today!

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More About Cicada

More about Cicada Magazine: A bimonthly literary magazine for those who appreciate the fine art of writing, Cicada magazine targets itself toward young adults looking for something more educational and inspiring than the commonplace consumer magazine filled with ads and celebrity styles. Cicada magazine offers short stories, poems, cartoons, book reviews and ornate illustrations. Much of Cicada’s content deals with growing up, and its stories will entertain, touch and even tickle the most serious reader with laughter. Written by adult authors as well as teens, Cicada is a smart and witty magazine, provoking thought and reflection. Aspiring writers ambitious enough to submit an entry could actually see their piece appear in print since Cicada welcomes submissions from first-time writers. Bonus for those writers whose entry gets selected for publication, they not only get to see their words in print, but they also get paid!

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