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If spicy cuisine entices your taste buds, then Chile Pepper magazine is a must-read for you. This bimonthly publication dedicated to the spicy side of life shares tasty and exciting dishes from all over the globe. Each issue brings you restaurant reviews, chef and celebrity profiles, travel, tips and techniques, and more than 50 recipes. From hot sauce to haute cuisine, from Baton Rouge to Bali, the pages are full of flavor! Splurge without feeling guilty and subscribe to Chile Pepper today!

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More about Chile Pepper Magazine: If you’re looking for something hot and spicy guaranteed to heat things up, then look no further than Chile Pepper, the magazine created for those who love the bold, flavorful food and crave its taste. Chili Pepper is the hottest magazine on the market and your number one destination for the best recipes that will put the “s” in sizzle. Each issue fires up over 50 full-flavored recipes and includes restaurant coverage and recommendations, local and celebrity chef profiles, cooking tips and culinary techniques, especially from those culinary artists who like to kick it up a notch! Inside, you’ll also learn the best tips for growing your own chili peppers, even if you’re new to the process. Chili Pepper provides a lot of variety—from the scoop on salsa to the dish on hot sauces and haute cuisine—maybe that’s why so many think it’s the spice of life.

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A bit of spice makes everything better!
I love cooking and eating spicy food. My motto is the hotter the better! This magazine provides a simple way to recreate exquisite spicy dishes from various countries.
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