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Canoe & Kayak magazine is the best resource for canoeing, kayaking, river rafting and the full range of paddling sports. Inside each issue, readers find information and features about adventure paddling destinations, equipment reviews, paddling technique, and health. Also included in the magazine are opinions and articles, camping destinations, cooking, apparel, fishing, and new product and service reviews. If you love water sports, Canoe & Kayak should be on your list of must-reads.

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More about Canoe & Kayak Magazine: If you love water sports, then paddle up to Canoe & Kayak, the magazine that leads you to the top canoe and kayak trips around North America. Not just for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts, Canoe & Kayak magazine is your source for whitewater rafting and full-on adventure! Inside each issue, readers find features on top paddling destinations and the latest techniques for white water, flatwater and open ocean. You’ll also find great camping destinations, health and fitness topics pertinent to paddlers and a medley of product and gear reviews, which include picks for top camping equipment. In addition, you'll enjoy great photography from seasoned canoeists and meet the paddle heroes who are making a big splash in the industry. You might even catch a snapshot of a celebrity, like Jimmy Buffett standing on a Native Watercraft, rocking the water.

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