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Brew Your Own is the leading magazine for people who want to brew their own beer at home. It covers the entire hobby ranging from simple, how to tips to more advanced technical articles on brewing fine beer. Regular columns include Tips from the Pros, Style of the Month, Recipe Exchange and Help Me Mr. Wizard. Brew Your Own is written for home brewers of all levels with fun, practical tips, projects and recipes to help you make great beer at home.

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More about Brew Your Own Magazine: Find out what’s brewing in the beer world with a subscription to Brew Your Own, the magazine that’s a dream come true for independent homebrewers. Brew Your Own is a top how-to brew-your-own beer magazine for beginners and experts alike. Inside each issue, you’ll get your fill of great homebrew recipes, where mastering the perfect mix of malts and hops will soon be a snap. Inside, find brewing solutions designed for all types of spaces--both large and small--and you can bet a beer that Brew Your Own will cover the entire hobby ranging from simple how-to tips, to more advanced technical concepts on brewing fine beer. You’ll also get expert advice to assist you in brewing the tastiest beer, which will rival what’s in your local liquor store’s cooler. Top that off with some homebrew recipes that emulate your favorite commercial beers! But it’s the secret brewing techniques, troubleshooting and latest gadgets that will have you raising a pint glass in no time, tattooed with your own label.

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Great source for serious information
A very in-depth magazine for brewers and beer drinkers. The articles cover many different kinds of beers, many include recipes and step-by-step techniques on how to reproduce them if you so desire. We don't brew yet but know enough about beer to find all the articles fun to read, well written and informative. When we do get to the brewing we will make more use of the in-depth technical information the articles have. My only complaint would be that there aren't more issues to read!
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