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Beckett Baseball is the most comprehensive baseball card price guide in the industry, and the hobbyist’s #1 source for accurate and timely information on baseball cards and collectibles.

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More about Beckett Baseball Magazine: Beckett Baseball hits a homerun with every issue! Your premier source for baseball card information, Beckett Baseball prints current and vintage baseball pricing guides for collectors and fans. Learn what your favorite cards are worth and find out just how valuable your favorite players really are! In addition, Beckett Baseball provides you with baseball card-related features and columns, including a comprehensive baseball card “Hot List,” which highlights the hottest cards for collecting. You’ll also get the dirt on the most actively traded cards and the most the historically important ones, both raw and graded. Beckett Baseball also pitches you the new trends in baseball card collecting and answers your questions about specific cards and sets. You’ll also get product previews, giving you a look into new sets, potential candidates to add to your collection. Sign up today and see how your cards score!

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