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Automobile magazine is written for automotive enthusiasts interested in the impact of the automotive world. Its focus ranges from cars and machines to road tests and road trips. Automobile also includes reviews of new vehicles, tips for vintage car collectors and information about auto sports and the automobile business.

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More about Automobile Magazine: Hit the road with your subscription to Automobile magazine. This title has it all for auto enthusiasts, with a focus on in-depth reviews an previews that put you behind the wheel of some of the fastest machines on the road—and some that won't be available for a few years. Automobile grants true auto aficionados full access to all the nation's auto shows, and goes behind the scenes in the auto industry, exploring its constantly changing impact on the world of cars and trucks. Special features include pieces on collecting, antique cars and green machines that are environment (and wallet) friendly. Subscribe to Automobile magazine today and get in the car know-how fast lane.

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