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ASK features the best in science, history, technology, and the arts for kids 7 to 10. Readers explore questions like: Do animals have a sense of humor? What makes red look red? Why do we sleep? How were the great cathedrals built? Every issue includes cartoons, contests, projects, book reviews, and Web site recommendations.

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More about Ask Magazine: Kids who are curious about science may find that ASK magazine answers some of their toughest questions age appropriately, keeping the editorial content fresh to its main audience comprised of 6- to 9-year-olds. Topics explored run the gamut, covering all things science from The Wonder of Water, to The Puzzle of Migration. While the goal of each issue is to educate, ASK magazine also does a good job of entertaining its young readers through pictures, illustrations, cartoons and activities, which involve simple arts and crafts projects. It’s not hard to see why ASK magazine piques the interest of kids; it demystifies the mysterious and shows kids not only how stuff works, but the fun and magic behind science.

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