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AKC Family Dog has all the best for your purebred pet from the experts at the American Kennel Club. AKC Family Dog is filled with helpful tips, how-to's and features presented in a colorful, reader friendly style.

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More about AKC Family Dog Magazine: The American Kennel Club is the authority on all things canine, so it makes sense to turn to their magazine, AKC Family Dog, for everything you need to know about your purebred pet. Whether your dog is a show dog or simply a beloved family pet, AKC Family Dog has all the info you need to keep your pooch happy and healthy. Get nutrition, exercise and grooming advice from the pros and have your doggie medical questions answered by the most reputable vets. Comprehensive breed profiles help you pick the perfect purebred pet and give you insight into your canine companion’s behaviors. AKC Family Dog’s colorful features address a wide range of dog-related topics, ranging from dog-proofing your home to what to do in a dog emergency. You’ll meet some of America’s most beautiful pups and see them at work in and out of the show ring. Subscribe to AKC Family Dog today and start getting the best for your furry best friend.

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