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Woman's World magazine is the warmhearted weekly women's magazine for busy women. Includes recipes, tips for organizing the home and much more. Woman's world delivers regular details on everything you need to know.

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More About Woman's World Magazine: Beat stress, banish belly bulge and bake beautiful dishes—all on a busy schedule. With help from Woman’s World magazine, you can do it all and still have time for your family and career. This weekly magazine aimed at on-the-go women features delicious, easy-to-make recipes to please every palate, decorating and crafting projects to brighten up your home, and tons of tips for energizing, de-stressing and beautifying. Learn how to look and feel younger with fashion and beauty advice from the pros, and get diet, fitness and health pointers from top docs. All the info you need to know about preventing breast cancer, heart disease and even the common cold can be found in Woman’s World magazine, too. Whether you want to beat the blues or look fantastic in your blue jeans, you’ll find something in Woman’s World that will make you smile. Subscribe to Woman’s World magazine today, and start infusing your fast-paced weeks with fun.

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This magazine is awesome.
I love this magazine. There is so many hints and the pictures are bright and beautiful.
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busy, busy, busy......yet full
Pros and Cons - Forthright
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I have been buying this magazine when it
I love the information about the different types of studies. Cost for less about your homes remedies. the true stories, places to visit. The information is just great. I read this book in a half hour.
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Like It
I really enjoy the information given in Woman's World as well as the recipes. They usually have new and unique items in there for creative gift giving.
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This One's for the World of Real Women
This weekly periodical is best described as a "little bit of everything." I scan its pages for new recipes and ideas for decoratimg my house. I learn tips for making the best use of my money and caring for my health. Each week brings new fashion and beauty highlights-and no, you don't have to be rich to afford them or twenty to look good in them. Two pages of puzzles and a brief mystery provide "brain candy." The real-life inspirational stories warm my heart. I find the personality quiz an amusing diversion, yet I do not recommend them for serious consideration.
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Great weight loss tips!
I use this magazine for fashion ideas, recipes, tips for healthy living and travel information. It is reasonably priced which makes it a bargain!
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I buy this magazine every chance I get
I use the magazine for all the great recipes and all the diet tips and I love to read all the articles. I have not found any thing that I do not like.
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Love IT ! I Need Dec, 8, 2008 issue
I am 61 years old. I have always been a woman magazines reader. This is the best ever!I never miss it.[...]I love all the web sites.I have my magazines in notebooks.
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I love this magazine
I like the recipes, the personal stories, crossword puzzle, and especially the Romantic fiction and the Angle (guardian) stories. Actually, all the stories. It's a real page turner for me. I read it clear through once I pick it up.
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