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Woman's World magazine is the warmhearted weekly women's magazine for busy women. Includes recipes, tips for organizing the home and much more. Woman's world delivers regular details on everything you need to know.

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More About Woman's World Magazine: Beat stress, banish belly bulge and bake beautiful dishes—all on a busy schedule. With help from Woman’s World magazine, you can do it all and still have time for your family and career. This weekly magazine aimed at on-the-go women features delicious, easy-to-make recipes to please every palate, decorating and crafting projects to brighten up your home, and tons of tips for energizing, de-stressing and beautifying. Learn how to look and feel younger with fashion and beauty advice from the pros, and get diet, fitness and health pointers from top docs. All the info you need to know about preventing breast cancer, heart disease and even the common cold can be found in Woman’s World magazine, too. Whether you want to beat the blues or look fantastic in your blue jeans, you’ll find something in Woman’s World that will make you smile. Subscribe to Woman’s World magazine today, and start infusing your fast-paced weeks with fun.

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I been a reader for years
I love the magazine , but I up-set by one fact that when it comes to soy it is one sided. So it gets me wondering if it is onesided about anything else?
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I am always glad to see Womens World
I like the web sites that are listed, stories, inspiritual stories, animal stories, health tips, receipes. I enjoy everything about it, it is well worth the money.
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Great!!! Loved by all.
I am 56, my daughter-in-law is 30 and my granddaughter is 9 and we all read and enjoy this magazine.
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Very, very informative
I read the magazine from beginning to the end.
Thanks to Woman's World, I found the solution to a pain I had - h. Pylori. I was also diagnosed with Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, but the doctor only told me to lose weight, whereas WW gave me a lot more information.
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makes fat cells self-destruct
You have a weight loss article in every single issue of your magazine, often with descriptions of special supplements. However, when I research them on the internet, they almost always come with some pretty serious warnings and or side effects which your article always fails to mention, so I end up not taking advantage of the information in these articles. It's gotten to the point where I chuckle as I look at the headlines on your covers touting a new weight loss maricle. Please stop getting our hopes up falsly and give us advice we can actually use.
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A magzine with something for every woman
I have and will continue to purchase this magazine for as long as it runs. I have recommended to several friends and they feel the same. Great recipe's, especially the design, it works to cut them out and fit into a recipe book. I use 5x7 photo album and it works great for seeing both side (please don't change).
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5/5th issue pg.8 blue blouse by allison taylor. I want to buy it and went online for one hour and cant find it....can you help???? my e-mail is gilbertrebecca@att.net. I work for an airline and I have hooked many people on to your mag. Love the recipes, upbeat, positive reading, crosswords, etc. There is nothing you could do better (except tell us where we can find the clothing) Thanks. rebecca gilbert Most magazines have recipes with so many foreign ingredients that you would never attempt to make them. I love recipes like yours because I actually have the ingredients in my cupboards. Clothes you would actually wear!!!!! Its very real for the average, "normal" reader. No negativity ...only inspiration!!!! I love that you get it all...in one magazine. The price is right, too!!!
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Great Magazine to Kill Time with!
I read the magazine to learn health/beauty tips, get a laugh out of the kids sayings, jokes, and pictures. I also like the mini mystery. It's a great magazine to keep in a car if you need to wait to pick someone up or read when lounging around the house.
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I think this magazine is the best!
I take this magazine everywhere. I can read it at the doctors office or while I am waiting for other things. It has so much good information and I keep them, as I know I can always go back and use some of the things I saw in them. It is the best magazine out there.
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