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Woman's World magazine is the warmhearted weekly women's magazine for busy women. Includes recipes, tips for organizing the home and much more. Woman's world delivers regular details on everything you need to know.

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More About Woman's World Magazine: Beat stress, banish belly bulge and bake beautiful dishes—all on a busy schedule. With help from Woman’s World magazine, you can do it all and still have time for your family and career. This weekly magazine aimed at on-the-go women features delicious, easy-to-make recipes to please every palate, decorating and crafting projects to brighten up your home, and tons of tips for energizing, de-stressing and beautifying. Learn how to look and feel younger with fashion and beauty advice from the pros, and get diet, fitness and health pointers from top docs. All the info you need to know about preventing breast cancer, heart disease and even the common cold can be found in Woman’s World magazine, too. Whether you want to beat the blues or look fantastic in your blue jeans, you’ll find something in Woman’s World that will make you smile. Subscribe to Woman’s World magazine today, and start infusing your fast-paced weeks with fun.

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This magazine appeals to women of all ages--from the young adult to the senior adult. Included, you find health information, great recipes, fantastic fiction and short blurbs with very useful information. This magazine appeals to the true, real woman--the everyday woman who has to make decisions on behalf of her family and household. Thank you for a great product.
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Very informative magazine
I love this magagzine. I am been reading this magazine for many years. I learn something every time that I read this magazine. I also enjoy the cross word puzzles.
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I came to Oklahoma after Katrina. Previous to Katrina I had lost my husband to cancer complicated by diabetes--a long illness since 1992. I was so shutdown, I had to learn to live all over again. My sister brought me her copy of your magazine every week. Little by little I learned how to buy groceries, spend my alloted Social Security check wisely and even learned to save a little. Through the stress and bad eating habits I was more than 400 lbs. I am under 350 and have better eating habits and a more frugal way of living without stress. Now I can enjoy the little things of life and get on with living. When I get confused or unsure of how to handle what life is throwing my way I can usually find how to deal with it through back issues or the current issue of your magazine. Thanks, thanks for my new life.
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States the obvious!
I appreciate the shorter columns that do not require a dedication of too much time to engage in reading a magazine. The pieces
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I read it cover to cover, then take it to work to share with my office mates. They all love it also
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This is a great magazine.
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I use everything in it everyday
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Love, Love, Love It!
Love the variety and the tons of information that I can actually use. I have given it for Christmas presents.
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would like to have ordered online
I buy this mag every week at the store and would like to subscribe but was unable to online because i do not have a credit card, i order online using my checking account but you do not offer this could this possibly be added in the near future? then i would buy online... thanks your mag is great, a must have....
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Best Magazine for the Money!
I have been buying and reading Womens World Magazine for years. I keep it on hand and refer back to it often for tips. I love the crossword puzzles. I seldom give a magazine away as I feel I will always need "that" particular issue in the future. I love this magazine.
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