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People magazine has all of the inside news about the personalities who fascinate you. Each weekly issue is packed with amazing stories about ordinary people and their extraordinary lives.

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More about People: People magazine is a must-read for every pop culture junkie out there. Jam packed with celebrity gossip, riveting profiles and stunning tributes to the world's most fascinating entertainers, politicians and everyday heroes, People magazine is one of America's most consistently popular titles. Entertainment briefs give you the quick down-low on what to watch, read, rent and play, and the celebrity weddings, homes and families you're dying to know about are in the spotlight on a weekly basis. Yearly favorites include the renowned Most Beautiful People issue and the crowning of the year's Sexiest Man Alive. Get essential celebrity style scoop, test out your pop culture know-how with the weekly People crossword, and stay up-to-date on the hottest Hollywood dish - including where your favorite People dine, date and dance - when you subscribe to People magazine today!

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People on the Plane!
When you simply have to know the latest about Hollywood's hottest celebrities, super-star athletes, and the biggest names in business and politics, then you simply have to have People. The most widely, consistently successful magazine in history is avidly read by half the population of America each year. People readers want to read the absolute latest, impossible to get dish on celebrity scandals definitive tribute issues; snappy wrap-ups on the whereabouts of yesterday's stars and the current Most Beautiful People; riveting stories of real folks caught up in the day's biggest news, health, and crime stories; and quick picks and pans on what's up in entertainment.
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A day at the beach w/out People stinks
I love People for all of the trashy goodness one requires to get through a lazy summer day at the beach. If you take this stuff too seriously, you might have a serious problem. But if you like to keep abreast of the trials and tribulations of Britney and Brangelina, this is a must read.
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Great entertainment magazine
Love reading People every week.
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People Person
I read every People magazine from cover to cover, page by page. I don't want to miss a thing. I love the arts reviews, fashions, interviews, personal stories, even the mail and editor's blog pages. I enjoy it all! I've been a member on and off since the first issue! Thank you for the care you take to keep update and the aim for a positive view. Never turn into a rag. You're a class act to follow.
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Fun to read!
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