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People magazine has all of the inside news about the personalities who fascinate you. Each weekly issue is packed with amazing stories about ordinary people and their extraordinary lives.

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More about People: People magazine is a must-read for every pop culture junkie out there. Jam packed with celebrity gossip, riveting profiles and stunning tributes to the world's most fascinating entertainers, politicians and everyday heroes, People magazine is one of America's most consistently popular titles. Entertainment briefs give you the quick down-low on what to watch, read, rent and play, and the celebrity weddings, homes and families you're dying to know about are in the spotlight on a weekly basis. Yearly favorites include the renowned Most Beautiful People issue and the crowning of the year's Sexiest Man Alive. Get essential celebrity style scoop, test out your pop culture know-how with the weekly People crossword, and stay up-to-date on the hottest Hollywood dish - including where your favorite People dine, date and dance - when you subscribe to People magazine today!

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loved it
loved it
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it was alright
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Great Magazine... I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this magazine
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Good gift for my mom
I got this as a late Christmas gift for my mom. When I told her she jumped up and down, which is not characteristic of my mom. It is an everyday thing she wanted but couldn't spend the money on herself... kinda like candles are for some people. This gift keeps on giving year round[...]
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great gift for mom
Great gift for someone who is getting ready for retirement, not looking to gather more clutter for house.
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i only go through it once or so then not again.
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love people
love it
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A subscriber for many years
Have been a subscriber for many years. Dislike the recent emphasis on people who are simply ffamous for being famous, not for their accomplishments. e.g."reality celebs". These people have little or no social value.
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Who, what, where, when? Let's find out!
Magazines are a great way to stay informed!
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love this mag!
This magazine is great for readers who are interested in being up to date with celebrity gossip and trends. It can be appealing to both men and women as young as teenagers and older.
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