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First magazine is the first and only magazine that puts women first and is the only magazine a woman will ever need! Published every 3 weeks, First (formerly known as First For Women) covers topics such as fitness, health, beauty, home, and cooking. Sit back and enjoy First magazine delivered to your door. Subscribe today!

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More about First For Women: First For Women truly puts women first. Stories focus on life improvement, whether from diet and exercise or stress reduction. First For Women encourages women to strive to be their best. Features include new diets and weight loss solutions that really work, simple exercise routines for women at all fitness levels, and easy-to-make dishes that boost energy and increase metabolism. Chock full of feel-good strategies, First For Women magazine motivates women to make small changes leading to positive overall transformations. Inspirational reader stories, health and beauty tips and celebrity profiles empower readers to live life to the fullest and achieve life-long dreams. With a First For Women subscription, you'll get useful advice on living your most fulfilling life possible.

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First is Best
Love this magazine. Just tried to get a subscription for myself & my friend in AZ. I am Canadian and see I cannot so will have to continue to get it on the shelf. I read this mag cover to cover. I circle "stuff" I want to go back to and do so. Best mag I have seen in many a year which covers "personal" issues & much more. Keep up the great work!
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Favorite magazine!
Helpful hints, great recipes, interesting health related articles.
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works for this active woman
i have found several ideas I have used and worked for me. The articles are common sence and afforable to most. My fav was about the Phase 2 pills to aid weight reduction without following those strick, limiting food choices. It worked for me, maybe not all.
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Saves Me Loads of Money
First Magazine is a fun read. It has everything from finding helpful ways to use thing around your house (ex. 10 uses for hydrogen peroxide), to darling decorating ideas, great recipes, style and fun. I read it every month from cover to cover!
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This is the best magazine available.
First is full of useful information for everyday people. The articles give me information and ideas that I can apply to my life.
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The only magazine I read cover to cover.
Lots of informative information that you can realistically use.
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This magazine is very informative
great tips on important health issues for women. It also give some helpful health tips for men. This is the first magazine that I have subscribed to ever. I will continue my subscription with this magazine.
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A lot of useful info in one location
Great useful information and want to try recipes
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Lose 9 lbs in 72 hrs !
I enjoy reading FIRST magazine and especially the fitness/diet portions. In fact I have misplaced the article 'lose 9 lbs in 72 hrs' and I need it, so if anyone can send it to me, please do; [@].... Thanks and keep up the good work!reba j.
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First Magazine
I love this magazine! It has so many great useful tips in it. It has recipes, puzzles and short stories. I like it because it's appropriate and fitting to me. I am a 23 year old wife and I don't like gossip magazines or cosmopolitan, which are immature to my taste. I see this magazine as a wife or mothers handy little reader.
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