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More about Entertainment Weekly magazine: Entertainment Weekly is tops in pop culture. Get your weekly fill of all things entertainment, from movies and television to books, music, video games and DVD releases. Extravagant celebrity photo spreads and bright, clever design make Entertainment Weekly fun to read and easy to navigate. Stay up to the minute on your favorite Hollywood stars, track progress on the movies you're dying to see, and get insiders' picks on what to watch on TV each night. Weekly features include Dalton Ross' hilarious Top 10 list of newsworthy tidbits, a colorful back-page essay from author Stephen King, and a themed Pop Culture Quiz for true aficionados of the world of entertainment. A two-time National Magazine Award winner for general excellence, Entertainment Weekly magazine truly has something for everyone. Get the most bang for your magazine buck with a subscription to Entertainment Weekly!

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keeps me informed about tv shows I might have missed.
Ofcourse its writers and reviewers are all left wingers. That gets a little boring. Every issue has Tina Fey in it somewhere. She must be dating the editor.
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