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Cooking Light delivers a delicious balance of cooking and must-have nutrition features, Cooking Light is the award-winning magazine where good taste meets good health on every page. Each issue of the Cooking Light is filled with dozens of delicious and nutritious recipes, smart shopping tips, healthy-in-a-hurry menus and much more! Beautiful color images illustrate never-fail, full-flavored recipes for healthy everyday eating and entertaining. Cooking Light will give you countless ideas that will leave you feeling guilt-free and healthy.

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More About Cooking Light: Award-winning magazine Cooking Light has become a staple in many kitchens across the country. It’s not hard to see why. Cooking Light is filled with tasty low-fat and low-calorie recipes. It’s very good at taking the version of mom’s favorite homemade dish and redoing it in a more healthy way, by cutting the fat and calories. Although recipes make up a huge chunk of the content inside, Cooking Light also provides smart food shopping tips, meals-in-a-hurry, fitness tips and entertaining ideas. The decorative pictures of lighter meals also support the notion that healthy recipes can still be prepared to look just as tempting as their higher calorie counterparts. The diet conscious will love that all nutritional information is provided at the bottom of almost every recipe.

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was fantastic
awesome thanks for shareing
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A Great Choice For Healthy Eaters
I love Cooking Light. The recipes are great, the pictures of the recipes are beautiful, and there are many things in the magazine that many foodies should know about. I recommend this to any mindful eaters out there.
Firstly, Cooking Light's motto is something like "everything in moderation." Using their ideas and recipes, I cooked outstanding, healthy dishes while still using ingredients such as butter and cream. Yes, full fat butter and cream! The thing is, they only require only a few tablespoons of the stuff! This makes the outcome rich, but all the calories, cholesterol, and saturated fats are scattered and few among the servings. It was great when I was able to make their Chocolate Cherry Heart Smart Cookies, knowing that they weren't as bad as regular cookies. They were versatile, like most of the other recipes. In fact, you can find many of CL's recipes on Give one a try!
Secondly, Cooking Light has useful information for dieters. With every issue, they have an article about smart choices when eating out- as well as downright terrible choices! Also, the nutrition facts for every recipe is posted, so you will not have a hard time keeping track of what you are putting into your body. In addition, in every issue, there are a few pages dedicated to types of exercise, such as Spinning and Zumba, telling you about the author's experience and opinions. I have also received a couple of magazines that have a few workouts in them, which I've used from time to time.
Finally, Cooking Light also provides a fountain of knowledge about food safety, different types of culture and cuisine. For example, I distinctively remember an article telling about types of fish, and those that have high-levels of mercury. They even showed the light to hydrogenated peanut butters, which are obvious sources of trans fats-- apparently, they can have as little as .005 grams per serving, which is perfectly healthy in moderation! Their other articles tell about countries around the world such as Jamaica, as well as recipes that revolve around it. You won't be disappointed, and you might even say, "Oh my god, I can't believe I didn't know that!", or something among the lines of it.
Cooking Light is an exemplary cooking magazine that I'd suggest to purchase. It'd please novice chefs to hardcore foodies, and even those who don't give a crud about healthful eating. The only setbacks would be that there are as many as 25 ads in an issue, although there are about 200-300 pages per. Half of the recipes also may contain a splash or two of wine, which I wouldn't say is too great for certain people who simply cannot drink. (This may indicate that CL is targeted towards adults, although I, a 14-year-old, still loves it.) There are, however, a few substitutions for liquor one may make. Also, only a small handful of their collection of recipes are vegetarian- but again, there are many ways to make the meatless. At Cooking Light's website, you can sign up for two free offer issues, although they will bill you if you don't cancel. See if you like it or not, then decide. Dooooo it!
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Good magazine
Great Ideas-some a little fancy for me. Biggest issue is there are a ton of advertisements. For a cooking magazine--not a lot of recipes. There are some cooking tips/articles. I would prefer more recipes and less articles.
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